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Even if you can't fly, that's alright

The ground continues on anyway

17 January 1990
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funny bunny

Ahh, in the voice of a king you announced your opposition. In the exposèd night, you were smiling. Ahh, Affected by the aurora, above all else. Reaching out both hands, you invited me. The beads which shattered into little pieces.'Isn't it pretty?' The night sky was a present to us. Ah, I couldn't believe he wasn't there that day-- The clown, who couldn't show his true face. Today, too, the world just spins along. At a speed like this, tears can't help but dry, and yet-- If your dreams come true, it won't be because of anyone but yourself. You choose to run even on the days when the wind blows hard. I wonder if somewhere, something's going wrong about now. When I envision your shy, departing form - How I want to see you again. Even if you can't fly, it's no problem: The ground goes on anyway. Let's go to the place that you love - It's you we're talking about--I know you can do it.

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